How Did We Get Here?

If you network networks, you can take nations!

In 2005 Becky Castle received a word of revelation from God that if someone would network networks you could take nations. Searching out this word with God led to the development of Cornelius Connection International, a ministry based on the supernatural encounter of Cornelius and Peter leading to the opening of a whole people group to the revelation of God.


What Is Our Culture?

Find your place to flourish

Our vision is to be a place where the glory of God is able to flourish, filling individuals and the house, in order to equip each one in the nature of God and in their purpose, and in effectively shifting cultures.



Truths foundational to our culture

Our beliefs are foundational to how we relate to life. Our beliefs are based on the infallible, eternal Word of God. We believe that sound doctrine leads us to become who God intended us to be according to 1 Timothy 4:6.


How To Connect

Get connected…get involved

We really want to connect with you!  You are valuable to the kingdom and if we can serve you in some way please let us know.